For reasons unknown, whenever my son's grandmother, Shirley, plans to kick back, put her feet up, read, or generally have "me" time, she refers to it as "having a Hong Kong day." This is all the more peculiar from a Prairie woman whose adventure to Hawaii in her 50s marked her only departure from North … Continue reading #AHongKongDay


How sweet -- it's as though they were expecting us. As we worked our way expertly through the roundabouts into Auckland, the streets were lined with welcoming rainbow flags. How did they know we were on our way? Do they read this blog? Do they follow us on Instagram?? I'd like to say that my … Continue reading #AucklandPride

#NewZealand 2.0

Driving in New Zealand is not for the faint at heart. Fair warning!! Before getting the keys to our rental car in Wellington, we had to watch a whopping 10-minute video designed to explain all we needed to know about driving in New Zealand -- with particular emphasis on keeping to the left side of … Continue reading #NewZealand 2.0


We've heard time and again that Kiwis are similar to Canadians and that Australians are more similar to Americans. To be fair, this is a comparison told to us by Canadians we know who have visited both countries. Although researching this fact wasn't the purpose of our trip to New Zealand, it was certainly something … Continue reading #WindyWellington


We could tell Sydney was a big, vibrant city the minute our plane broke through the cloud cover. Our excitement continued on the Uber ride as we wound our way through new areas and historic sections. And then our driver made a few unexpected turns and stopped smackdab in front of Mariner's Court. We both … Continue reading #SuddenlySydney


Getting to the Bangkok airport 62 minutes before our flight to Australia was cutting it much too close for comfort. So close, in fact, that I was tempted to slather on more deodorant in the back seat of the Uber when he finally showed up. We've found that when we book an Uber in Bangkok, … Continue reading #G’dayMelbourne


How lucky we are to have a beautiful pool at the condo we've rented in Bangkok. That said, we've only sat poolside for about 90 minutes over the past 25 days. We've found that when we have all the time in the world, there is no rush for us to do things we would have … Continue reading #MinutesHoursDays


What would life be if we didn't have room to improve? As it happens, I could stand to improve my storytelling by doing a better job of keeping events in sequence. In my previous post I talked at length about #streetmeat in Bangkok, but failed to actually place us in the city (or country for … Continue reading #BangkokRevisited


I'm fortunate to have lived a life, thus far, having never been truly hungry -- save for a few lean days in my early twenties where I was earning just enough to keep me rich in Ichiban noodles. My earliest recollection that some people, kids in particular, didn't have enough to eat was in my … Continue reading #StreetMeat