What is this all about? I guess we’ll figure that out together.

IMG_0002Here’s the thing… I left the corporate world early in 2015 – earlier than most. After many years of planning and saving, I pulled the plug and shifted gears into something more resembling retirement. Since I’m a bit young for that, let’s call this an indefinite sabbatical from work. I’ll be the boss of me for a while. More weekend less week. We’ll see how this first year goes. In the meantime, I won’t be sitting still. In fact, it’s taken me a while to sit still long enough to get this blog started. What I hope this blog becomes is an account of my adventures.

Anyone who knows me and my partner, knows we love to travel. It’s less about getting to new places and more about taking in all that a new location has to offer. Although we don’t have more than the next 12 months planned out, we do know that we have lived through our last Canadian winter. Our first winter away will be in Argentina. I’ll share stories and photos as we go along. I’ve picked up a few travel-planning tips over the years and I’ll reveal those in good time. And what’s a blog without visuals? I’ll post the occasional photo and video, too.

This will evolve into more than a typical travel blog, since we plan to relocate to new places for months at a time. Our hope as we do that, is that we experience more of life in an area as locals rather than as tourists.

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