Let’s see if I can remember how this works. The QWERTY keyboard looks the same. My fingers seem to remember their place on home row. Ready? Set? Begin…

It’s confession time

Forgive me followers, it’s been 1,155 days since my last post.

I can’t imagine the blog penance I’m in for after such a lengthy break. I’d love to use COVID as an excuse for my absence — after all, our wings were clipped with no new places to explore and write about in more than a year.

“But what about pre-COVID?”

The honest truth is that we were traveling so much in early 2018 that I fell behind and it seemed like an arduous task to catch up. With each subsequent trip, I’d could see that I was further behind. So this post, a mere 165 weeks later, is me climbing back out. Hello! How’ve you been? What’s new? You look great!

Considering my last post was from Hong Kong, you may have imagined that our peaceful ‘Hong Kong Day’ had erupted into chaos amid protests and relentless government suppression. Thankfully, we weren’t there for any of that. In fact, there was no hint of it back then. It was, however, heartbreaking to watch the news coverage and see the escalating violence and to witness Hong Kong devolve into a place we won’t soon return.

Rather than dwell on places we’ve been but likely won’t go to again, I’d like to use Thursdays going forward to share with you our countless flights, our range of accommodations and the many adventures we’ve had since Hong Kong in early 2018.

COVID has certainly made us appreciate our health and has also amplified our fervent desire to get back out there and see the world.

The reality is that very few of us have been able to venture beyond our national borders over the past year. As a result, recent travel stories of any kind are pretty slim. However, many of us are craving a change of scenery and with that perhaps a change of culture — just to test that we’re still alive and that we made it through — a reward of sorts.

International travel still seems many months (dare I say weeks) away, but we’re scouting destinations, touching base with far-flung friends on the status of contender countries opening up, and we’re excited about making a plan for this winter (albeit tentative).

In the meantime, I have new, untold stories of pre-COVID adventures. Travels that were extensive and an exhilaration for each of our senses. I’ll do my best to keep it chronological and stay to the “Throwback Thursday” schedule.

Hopefully, by the time I’ve posted about our last trip (Palm Springs in March 2020 with COVID nipping at our heels), we’ll be ready to flow seamlessly into posts of new adventures.

I hope you’ll follow along. If you want to be notified of each post, please consider subscribing. If you have questions about any details I share, please comment or send me a message.

Future posts will cover our untold adventures in:

  • Singapore
  • NYC
  • The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Paris
  • Vieques, Puerto Rico
  • Virginia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Luang Prabang, Laos
  • Krabi, Thailand
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Palm Springs

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