It’s seemed that we only just unpacked what little we brought and now it was time to hit the road. After several final sweeps through what has been our homebase for the past four months, we bid farewell to the charming flat in the Belgrano neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

We crammed a lot of living into four, short months. We were lucky to share what we love about the city with the friends and family who were able to make the long journey south. We were also incredibly lucky to make some new friends down here, both expats and Argentines, who adopted us and made many a valient sales pitch for us to extend our visit or return in short order.

There are countless things we will miss about this location: the variety of grocery stores within two blocks, the chino shops for cheap milk and even cheaper wine, our barber Rodrigo, and all of the things we once thought wacky when we first arrived but now seem strangely normal. We were even able to get the young woman at the place we took our laundry each week to crack the occasional smile. After all, if you can’t get the woman who folds your underginch to smile, you’re doing something wrong.

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about what little we planned to take to Argentina. As it turns out, we only ended up wearing about half of what we brought with us.

As sad as it is to leave that apartment, we have new adventures ahead of us. Our next three weeks will be spent in Brazil. A quick three-day stop in Rio, followed by two weeks of beach time in Ubatuba visiting a Canadian friend and her husband, then on to visit other friends at their beach place and at their home in São Paulo. We are grateful for our extreme good fortune!

We haven’t said goodbye to Buenos Aires just quite yet. We have a final week there in March at a new apartment in Palermo Hollywood before we repatriate ourselves in Canada.

The adventure continues…

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