What makes the cut?

luggageWith less than a month to go before we head to Argentina, we’re giving much thought to what comes with us and what stays in Canada. I thought it would be easier than it is.

Anyone who knows us, knows we travel light. In fact, my first blog covered our month-long travels through South East Asia in 2013. The first post (and name of the blog) was about taking only carry on (go on, read that post – oh heck read the whole thing).

The mere thought of carry on only seems to strike fear into the hearts of many, in particular, most of the women I know. After all, shoes are a killer when it comes to compact packing.

Rest assured, for this trip we will be checking bags, but we’re not using that as an excuse to take more than we think we’ll need. Keep in mind, we’re guys who aren’t shoe-obsessed, and it will be summer in South America, so bulky sweaters and coats are an easy leave-behind.

The ability to do laundry at will, pretty much eliminates the stress of being caught with too few underwear. And it’s not like they don’t have clothing stores there. For me, it’s less about what I might forget to take with me and more about what comforts of home I simply can’t pack.

No matter the size of luggage, you can’t pack your friends and family. I’m a social guy. I know going into this, that I’ll miss being able to meet up with close friends for coffee, or an impromptu, mid-week lunch with my son.

Thankfully, friends of friends have connected us with locals and expat groups in Buenos Aires. And we’re lucky enough to have a few friends and family who are planning to visit. Fingers crossed that these are enough to keep the homesick blues at bay. And for those who can’t make it, we’ll rely on technology to help us stay connected, but it can never be a replacement for the real thing.

electronicsSpeaking of technology… our bundle of various electronics are bound to fill at least one hefty duffel bag. Laptops, iPads, mobile phones, GoPro, AppleTV, voltage and plug adapters, and the countless cords and cables for each – I guess that’s the closest equivalent we have with the struggle women face when deciding what shoes make the cut. Time for a test pack.

If you were moving away for five months, what are your can’t-live-without things and why?

7 thoughts on “What makes the cut?

  1. I would be more than happy to take you and your friends’ extra luggage space then. I take it all and then still don’t have enough. (mostly a shoe issue I must admit!)

    BA has it all – unless you need easy access to maple syrup, peanut butter or soft toilet tissue – you will be ok! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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    • Truth be told, I’m sweating the fact that peanut butter is scarce. I’ve been researching the hell out of that dilemma. What I’ve discovered is that Chinatown in BA is my best bet. And apparently it’s close to where we will be living.


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