Surprise, we’ve moved (twice in two weeks)

Two days before I returned to Calgary from my apartment hunting trip (boondoggle) in Argentina, Frank sends me a text that says, “Our condo is rented, we have to be out three days after you return.” My reply: “Where?” Him: “Not sure, we’ll figure it out when you’re back.”

It seems we have fully embraced a roll-with-the-punches-make-it-up-as-you-go state of being. Well, we aren’t that nomadic or irresponsible. Things with this one just happened to move faster than we anticipated.

Shortly before I left for Argentina in May, we hired a leasing company to find tenants for our condo in Calgary. Our thinking was, and remains, that renting our condo furnished will help offset our accommodation costs when we are away. We had considered selling it, but didn’t want to compete on price with some people who may be forced to sell because of general uncertainty in the markets.

The leasing company began marketing our place which resulted in a showing or two – nothing we though was serious. As luck would have it, while I was away we had a bite. The catch: they wanted it for June 1. Rather than risk not getting it leased, we agreed. The race was on to pack our personal belongings, oh, and find a new place to live between June and when we leave for Buenos Aires in October.

Long story short, we’re now back living in the home of a very good friend until the fall — a place we called home for a few years before we became condo dwellers. Our friend Jackie is beyond generous and we are so grateful to be staying in her home again and seeing her often.

But before landing here, there was a two-week window where we needed to secure some temporary digs. Not many of our friends knew of our accommodation dilemma, but those who did were quick to extend invitations for us to stay. How lucky are we??

For those two weeks, we were fortunate to stay with a very close friend. Someone I’ve been lucky enough to know for 33 years. Yowza! Oh yeah, and she happens to be the mother of my/our son. Chew on that for a while readers. Thank you Leslie for inviting us to campout for two weeks! We enjoyed the rousing rounds of name that tune over a glass or three of wine.

There’s not a whole bunch we can offer our gracious friends/host in return, but we hope that you both will find time to visit us in Argentina, so we can host you and show you what we love about that part of the world.

2 thoughts on “Surprise, we’ve moved (twice in two weeks)

  1. Love reading about all of the steps in the journey. Glad you guys found a place to call home until you go. See you this week Chris!


  2. I loved you guys staying with me for two weeks. It flew by and I was sad when you left. I appreciated all the things (blue jobs) you did for me and the dinners made for me when I came home from work. You’re great guests. Can’t wait to hit BA and shampoo your area rugs!! 😉


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